About Us

Our Success Story

We are mounting and governing spectator area evaluation over numerous clients for the last five years through more than five hundred certified test centers. 

At Vensysco, we provide quality online examination and offline examination solutions that allows you to conduct large scale assessments conveniently. Our team of experienced professionals ensure integrated and comprehensive services to organize quality examinations.

Vensysco customizes its services to meet defined needs, including hardware, networking, scheduling and registration. With a strong hub on innovations and technology, Vensysco has introduced copious corridors for solutions for its customers.

Principal corporate entities in the country have administered Vensysco’s assessments in India to conduct successful examinations. Vensysco’s leading customers in the corporate sector include Sify iTest, MeritTrac, SATVAT, Ginger etc.

Vensysco has led the way in delivering safe and sound examination infrastructure and man power to numerous candidates. We have worked as a reliable partner for organizations by ensuring that candidates justifiably earn the credentials they seek to achieve.

Vensysco recently conducted examinations of approx. 20 lac candidates in a single window, where 250 test centers were included in a span of ten days with support of our infrastructure and man power. 


As proud accomplishment, we have effectively completed the below mentioned high status examinations and are confident to carry forward this success seamlessly with different companies.