Online Assessment

We at Vensysco believe in conducting quality examinations for numerous clients. We work with unbiased human power and good infrastructure with smoothly working systems under a visual eye to maintain transparency. With the help of digitalization, we have tried to curb the distance issues that restrain people from giving exams. Online Assessments helps recruiters and examination authorities in multiple ways. We make sure that no one can misuse the exams’ data, because they are kept under high surveillance. Online Assessments also eliminates illegal ways of cheating. The students can enter into the examination hall only after proper authentication. They are asked to enter valid credentials before starting the exam. All these services are incorporated with other factors that make Vensysco one of the leading online test providers. 

There are two types of online assessment that we offer.

Computer Based Test (CBT)

In Computer Based Test people or students have to come to a particular place to give the exam.

Internet Based Test (IBT)

In Internet Based Test people or students can give the exam from their preferred location.