What We Offer

Assessment Services 

Our online/offline assessment services are equipped to provide a secure way to conduct: 

  • Computer Based Examination
  • OMR based examination 
  • Typing Test 

Human Resource Development 

We have built a team of finest professional from every walk of life to ensure every kind of manpower support during examinations. 

Tech Team: 

  • Telecom Engineers
  • IT Auditors & Consultants


  • Examination Controllers
  • Examination Supervisors 


  • University Professors 
  • Corporate Trainer 

Software Solutions 

With a detailed knowledge of online examination environment in India, we have developed our range of superior software solutions for: Human Resource Management System (Complete Payroll Solution), University Management System (Integrated School/College Management) and Coaching Management System (E-learning Solutions) 


Over the years, we have developed in-house integral computer hardware furnish and networking services, refined labs for the assessment of online examinations. 

  • IT infrastructure setup 
  • Customer care support
  • Telecom Tower establishment & management
  • Biometric & CCTV Surveillance System

Training & Trainers 

We configure and conduct best-in-industry training for every kind of governmental and corporate needs. Some of our major training expertise are: Agile, Scrum, Big Data, CCC, O level, A level etc. 

Skill Development 

To develop an innovative and spirited work force, we provide quality skill training by associating ourselves with major skill development programs.