With numerous years devoted to conducting assessments, for various clients, we have gathered the experience to conduct examinations with qualities like fairness and equity as integral parts of the process. We understand the need to be versatile when it comes to conducting assessments, especially with the requirements of a modern world. To fulfil that need, we have multiple options to provide our clients with multiple approaches such as - Internet Based Test, Computer Based Test and Offline Based Test.

Online Assessment

We at Vensysco believe in conducting quality examinations for numerous clients. We work with unbiased human power and good infrastructure with smoothly working systems under a visual eye to maintain transparency. With the help of digitalization, we have tried to curb the distance issues that restrain people from giving exams. Online Assessments helps recruiters and examination authorities in multiple ways. We make sure that no one can misuse the exams’ data, because they are kept under high surveillance. Online Assessments also eliminates illegal ways of cheating. The students can enter into the examination hall only after proper authentication. They are asked to enter valid credentials before starting the exam. All these services are incorporated with other factors that make Vensysco one of the leading online test providers.

Computer Based Test

Computer Based Test, often abbreviated as CBT, is the dawn of online assessment in the examination industry. It provides the option to conduct a computer based examination to all major entrance examinations in India to make their assessment procedure smooth and accurate. To accomplish this they need a robust examination platform that can uphold all the aspects of a computer based examination system. We at Vensysco provide a scalable assessment solution that has proved itself feasible in entrance exams, recruitment tests, mock tests using features like proctor based examination among others. From candidate registration to result declaration, we provide an end-to-end secure and accurate platform for testing and assessment.

CBT Security Features


As an examination infrastructure company, it is our responsibility to deliver exams with utmost vigilance and security. In every exam conducted under our management, we install high-tech CCTVs for live photo feed and tight vigilance. The CCTVs have a psychological effect on the candidates and dissuades them from using any kind of cheating material. They feel that they are being watched continuously and hence curbing the malpractices. CCTVs have become an indispensable part of the examination security infrastructure. We have a Pan India network of Aadhar verified vendors that provide foolproof security coverage during examinations.


Since the last decade, impersonation has become a big threat to the sanctity of examinations. People often try to cheat the examination boards by sending aliases to attempt the paper. The most famous example of this malpractice is in the movie Munna Bhai MBBS. To curb this malpractice, it is important to verify each and every candidate using biometric devices. They can read fingerprints, iris or face to identify the candidate. It has helped the examination sector to minimise this kind of forgery during exams. We have a Pan India network of Aadhar verified vendors to secure each and every exam centre in India with biometric security.


At Vensysco, we believe in maintaining the highest standards of check and quality control during examinations. Therefore, we hire best of the invigilators from all over India to be present during examinations conducted by us. Their individual experience comes handy in case a glitch happens during examination procedure. They can easily handle the students whose future depend on these examinations and are very professional in approach.


We ensure that every candidate’s sitting plan is foolproof to avoid any kind of accessibility from foreign objects or people in the examination hall. This is also done to guarantee zero disturbance to any students during the course of online examination as it is a sensitive matter for all the candidates who prepare seriously for the exam. From the perspective of nation building, it is important to conduct safe and fair examinations.


We have prepared an inventory of questions of different difficulty levels. On a set pattern, different question papers get designed during the course of pre-examination activity to avoid malpractices such as leaking question papers etc. This is a part of our unique examination infrastructure that ensures 100% examination security. At Vensysco, we are determined to raise the standards of examination delivery throughout India by using the latest technology and techniques.


Just to be 100% sure for the upcoming examinations, we conduct several mock tests to check every aspect of exam conduction. It prepares us for any kind of problems that can come during exams. Mock tests are an important part of our procedure that we follow diligently. We believe in being always prepared. Like a pitch in Cricket matches, we curate the perfect conditions to execute examinations throughout India.

Computer Based Test Process

Pre-Exam Activities:

  • Online Application Registration
  • Secured payment gateway
  • Allocation of Exam Centre
  • Admit Card Generation

During Exam Activities:

  • Question Paper Upload
  • Test on Computer

Post Exam Activities:

  • Declaration of Result
  • Generate Scorecard

Internet Based Test

Internet Based Test is defined as an online examination conducted to measure the knowledge of the aspirants/students on a given topic. In the olden days everybody had to gather in a classroom at the same time to take an exam. With an internet-based examination, students can do the exam online, in their own time and with their own device, regardless of where they live. They only need a browser and an internet connection. To ensure a fair examination process for all, we ensure these are all proctor based online exams. This not only facilitates & familiarizes the concept of online examination that the aspirant wants to attempt, but also gets used to DOs & DONTs when the examination is live. Various typing tests are regularly held in this mode.

Internet Based Test Features:

Menus, buttons or links to different pages on web site are easily visible and consistent on all web pages.

Test system response when connection between user id & test menu is made indicating time bar to complete test.

Test unauthorized access to secure pages is not permitted.

Test data retrieved from database is shown accurately in your web link.

Offline Assessment

All offline pen & paper examinations take place with a highly qualified team with a systematized procedure utilizing the latest in OMR technology, experienced invigilators and CCTV surveillance.

Paper Based Test

Paper Based Test has a long history of practice and remains one of the most used methods to access the knowledge of examinee. Vensysco’s qualified team and systematized procedure assure top-notch assessment service for corporate, educational clients and government examinations.

Our security feature for offline assessment include: Experienced invigilators, latest OMR sheets, seamless vigilance with CCTV and flying squad..

Pre-Exam Activities:

  • Online Application Registration
  • Secured payment gateway
  • Hall Ticket Generation

During Exam Activities:

  • Authentication through Biometric
  • Delivery of Question Paper

Post Exam Activities:

  • Evaluation of OMR
  • Declaration of Result
  • Delivery of Scorecard