About Captain Batra Classes Pvt. Ltd.

Captain Batra Classes is an institute which provides excellent teaching and training to the aspirants wishing to serve the nation by joining Indian Armed Forces (Army/Air Force/Navy) under commissioned and non-commissioned category. The institute is enriched with highly experienced and dedicated faculty members their devotion, dedication, expertise, sense of worth and service are the institute by themselves.

The academic excellence is the backbone at CBC. We strive to adhere to a system that supports and encourage value based education for every aspirants that walks the corridor of this institute.

The texture of life, varied quality of experience, the constant support provided by staff members and array of opportunities in this institute gives the students an eclectic assortment of scintillating horizons waiting to be expanded, drawn from and conquered.

This is a unique institute with a combination of academics, excellent spirit of sportsmanship, talent and creativity. It provides a student optimum exposure to the outer world. It has laid an atmosphere which is perfect breeding place for its student’s talent and interests.

It is rich in all sphere. It has highly educated and competent staff members and proctors who take care of all academics proceedings as well as administration. It has variety of teachers who have mastered almost all fields. They produce good students and individuals and teach to face the upcoming challenges and lead towards success and be the leaders of the world.

Robust 40s

The Course is designed and developed by Captain Batra Classes Pvt Ltd for the candidate who seeks and aspires 100% selection in his first attempt. This is a unique programme of its kind which assures a candidate that institute is fully liable for the success of the candidate Know More...

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WE HAVE NO OTHER BRANCH. BEWARE OF INSTITUTES USING THE NAME OF CAPTAIN BATRA CLASSES. हमारी अन्य कोई शाखा नहीं है, कैप्टेन बत्रा क्लासेज के नाम से चल रहे किसी भी अन्य संस्थान से सावधान रहें |