N K Tripathi Captain Batra Classes Number 1 Defense Training InstituteDear Students,
Welcome to CAPTAIN BATRA CLASSES, we here stand ready to help student from across the campus to develop their mathematical reasoning skills and to improve their conceptual understanding of mathematics. For students wishing to explore maths at more complex level. We offer opportunities to explore varied mathematical topics according to pattern and standard adopted by UPSC for Defence Services examinations. As an important human endeavour mathematics has come to be recognised as the language of science. It is one of the oldest academic subjects. Mathematics is study of quantity, structure, space and change, is used as an essential tool by the competitors participating in different competitive examinations. Mathematics has contributed in various ways to enrich our lives. Needless to say that mathematics is in itself very interesting and important.

We make students familiar with the essential tool of mathematics and they can apply their knowledge in respective competitions. A process is accomplished in which students attain new knowledge in a rigorous, academic and competitive environment which helps learners to become excellent.

N. K. Tripathi
(Department of Mathematics & SSB Expert)

Robust 40s

The Course is designed and developed by Captain Batra Classes Pvt Ltd for the candidate who seeks and aspires 100% selection in his first attempt. This is a unique programme of its kind which assures a candidate that institute is fully liable for the success of the candidate Know More...

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