SSB Interview Procedure

SSB interview is the gateway for becoming an officer in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

The candidates that clear written exams such as CDS, NDA, TA and AFCAT are called for SSB Interview from their respective boards. One can also appear for SSB Interview by getting shortlisted direct entries TES, TGC, UES, SSC Tech, etc.

SSB interviews are conducted by various Services Selection Boards of Indian Army, Navy and by Air force Selection Boards. These SSB boards selects candidates for commissioned officer posts in Indian Armed Forces through SSB interviews.

  1. National Defence Academy & Naval Academy examination (NDA & NA Exam)
  2. Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE)
  3. Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT)

The SSB Interview is directed to check the following procedure of the candidate.

  1. Mansa which means thoughts; Psychological tests are conducted for this
  2. Vacha which means speech; Interview conducted for this
  3. Karma which means deeds or actions; Group testing is done for this.

Most of the aspirants appear in the SSB interview without preparation. Many candidates are asked to appear for the interview and if they have Officers Like Qualities in them, then they will be automatically get selected by the selection boards. But this is completely a wrong notion.

SSB interview is an interview in place for selecting the future officers and leaders of defence forces. One cannot blindly appear for the SSB interview thinking that one will get selected if he has all qualities. It is just as if you are appearing for a written exam without even knowing the pattern and syllabus of the exam. One may still pass the exam but it all depends upon the luck. If one is well prepared for the exam by knowing blue print of question paper and pattern of questions asked in the exam, one will be definitely stay ahead of others.

Day of Reporting
Documentation and Filling up of PIQ (Personal Information Questionaire) from Allotement of chest numbers
Opening Address

Screening Test
Intelligence Test (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning Test)
Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT)

Phychological Test and Interview
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
Word Association (WAT)

GTO Task and Interview
Group Discussion (GD)
Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
Progressive Group Task (PGT)
Half Group Task (HGT)
Group Obstacle Race / Snake Race (GOR)
Interview of some candidates by President/Deputy President

GTO Task and Interview
Individual Obstacles (IO)
Command Task (CT)
Final Group task (FGT)
Interview ofthe remaining candidates

Final Board Conference
Final Board Conference is held and the result are announced

SSB Specialised Courses
Course : Screening + Phychology
Duration - 28 Hours
Course Fee: Rs. 3000/-, GST: Rs. 540/-, Admission Form: Rs. 525/-
Total Payable Amount Rs. 4065/-
Course : GTO
Duration - 20 Hours
Course Fee: Rs. 3000/-, GST: Rs. 540/-, Admission Form: Rs. 525/-
Total Payable Amount Rs. 4065/-
Course : Interview
Duration - 06 Hours
Course Fee: Rs. 2000/-, GST: Rs. 360/-, Admission Form: Rs. 525/-
Total Payable Amount Rs. 2885/-
Course : PABT
Duration - 2 Hours
Course Fee: Rs. 1000/-, GST: Rs. 180/-, Admission Form: Rs. 525/-
Total Payable Amount Rs. 1705/-


SSB interview at different service selection boards is designed to draw out inner personality of a candidate so that they can emerge a passionate, intelligent and dedicated officer in Defense Forces. We focus on grooming and developing all round personality of a candidate as per SSB interview norms.

Course Feature

  1. Screening Test : Includes picture perception and description test along with intelligence test.
  2. Psychological Test : Includes TAT, WAT, SRT, SD.
  3. Communication Skill : To enable students express themselvesin effective way.
  4. Group Task : To perform all physical and mental activities that takes place during day 3.
  5. Group Discussion : Interchange of views and concepts of the students among one another.
  6. Personal Interview : Finding out candidate intelligence and dynamic personality focusing on tension management during SSB.
  7. Developing of Officer like Qualities :
  8. Briefing on International Relationship between neighbouring contries : Interchange of views and concepts of the students among one another.

Duration - 2 Weeks Admission Form Charges : Rs. 550/-
Course Fee : Rs. 7000/-
GST applicable on course fee : Rs. 1260/-
Total Payable Amount : Rs. 8810/-
Study Material Complete Book of Reasoning (Verbal and Non-Verbal),
Interview, GTO, GD,
Lecturette & Current Affairs

Robust 40s

The Course is designed and developed by Captain Batra Classes Pvt Ltd for the candidate who seeks and aspires 100% selection in his first attempt. This is a unique programme of its kind which assures a candidate that institute is fully liable for the success of the candidate Know More...

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