N K Tripathi Captain Batra Classes Number 1 Defense Training InstituteDear Students,
The world of Defence services is full of thrill and challenges. This field is open to all those youngsters who wish to serve the country from the front . Earning the absolute trust of our students is our most important goal. Our commitment to relationships builds the confidence that enables us to act decisively and expediently. Our experience gives our students access to an unparalleled depth of knowledge. We understand that each of our engagements is unique, yet our experience enables us to discover and explore changing patterns of competition that we have faced in the past.

We place priority on results, empowering our students to act in a straightforward, efficient & combative manner. Our lecturers work collaboratively with our students to make learning meaningful. On behalf of the Editorial Council, we invite your participation, in realizing a dream of making this nation, a knowledge intensive society. We wish you all the best in your pursuit of fulfilling of your dream for Defence Services.

Vikash Dubey
(Department of Management)

Robust 40s

The Course is designed and developed by Captain Batra Classes Pvt Ltd for the candidate who seeks and aspires 100% selection in his first attempt. This is a unique programme of its kind which assures a candidate that institute is fully liable for the success of the candidate Know More...

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