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Vensysco is a pioneer in paperless digital exams, now introducing e-Classroom, an extended oering on its flagship platform. Vensysco will over “exam–from–home” service to overcome the impact of Covid on educational institutions. Exams complete the education cycle. Education from home, once an unimaginable proposition, has become a necessity. With institutions racing to keep up with the shortened academic cycles, and to ensure business continuity, administering exams at students’ homes is a reality now. e-Classroom is a device agnostic solution, designed to deliver classroom content on students laptops, tabs and smartphones – at home. It has built-

Pandemic Challenges

Suspension of Educational Institutions Examination & Admission Across the World Due to Covid 19 • Shortened Academic Cycles • Paper Based Exams from Home is a Tedious and Highly Porous Process • Unpredictable Outcomes on Computer- Based Online Exams from Home and Remote Proctoring Due to Unreliable Internet Connectivity.


  • Secure and Reliable “Education–from–Home” is now a Reality
  • Limited Internet Connectivity – E-Classroom is an Asynchronous new Educational Oering, Which Enables Students to get Education while Sitting at Home Without Disruptions.
  • Data Encryption – Advanced Encryption Ensures no Question Paper Leakages and Answer Sheet Manipulation.

E-Classroom Features

Secure Environment 2-Factor Authentication Offline Login to Start Daily Classroom in the Event of Connectivity Disruption or No Connectivity. Dierent Content types supported: Essay Type/Audio/Video and Paragraphs Time Based Question/ Section Display and Responses


Digital Proctoring – Laptop Camera/Webcam and Microphone will Record the Entire Exam Session Post Exam Red Flagging on Patterns of Suspicious Activity Support for Remote Proctoring (Connectivity Required) Security Advanced Data Encryption–Zero Tampering of Data, Zero Threat on Question Paper Leakage Post Exam Upload of Answer Script