No security solution is complete without fulfilling all portions of security needs. Complete security for examinations requires a look into other aspects such as securing examination materials and keeping them secure when being transported. Keeping these requirements in mind, Vensysco provides services for procuring examination materials of our own as part of our services. We procure these exam materials, like OMR sheets and question papers to ensure that there are no chances of tampering with them. With the inclusion of these services, we ensure that maximum protection is available as an option from Vensysco. Our solutions can be availed on a pay-per-use model for all educational institutions and exam bodies.

Stationery Movement

Due to a breach in security, unauthorised writing materials can be smuggled into the exam centers. Even OMR sheets can be tampered with to provide offenders with unauthorised benefits. We provide our own exam stationery for clients to bypass any security breaches that may come from using external stationery.

QP Movement

Exam materials like question papers are monitored at all times during storage. The transfers are monitored by experienced personnels and observers at all times. To ensure that exams are carried out smoothly, multiple copies of the exam materials are secured for transfer, in cases of incidents.