Being ready for a COVID-affected India, at Vensysco, we provide the options to not only prevent cheating, but also to stay safe from the pandemic. Keeping the pandemic in mind, we provide multiple COVID-ready frisking services such as - contactless temperature-screening, crowd management, and entry & exit management of candidates. As part of our frisking services, we also ensure that unauthorised objects don’t get through, with the help of our frisking process. Our frisking services also consist of such utilities as HHMDs, DFMDs and Manual Frisking services.

hand held metal detectors for exam security

Handled by experienced personnel, HHMDs are used to keep away any disallowed electronic device and gadgets.

Door frame metal detector for exam security

A DFMD is an effective metal testing security solution, it detects unwarranted devices when the student passes through the door of the examination hall.

manual frisking services for exam security

A government authorised procedure is followed by both male and female security personnel (Female frisking is conducted in a separate enclosed space provided by us).


Being one of the top biometric scan solution providers in India, Vensysco ensures that no impersonator enters the exam center to make exams unfair for others. Utilizing the combined shield of Iris based retina scan, Fingerprint and Facial Recognition methods, any would-be impersonators are effectively kept at bay. Vensysco presents the use of following biometric scan solutions to ensure a malpractice-free exam session:

Fingerprint Scan for exam security
Fingerprint Scan

Each person has an unique fingerprint, which is utilised worldwide as a basic biometric measure. It is most used around the world and is dependable as a safety measure against impersonation.

Facial Recognition for exam security
Facial Recognition

This biometric measure detects the facial features of a candidate and can be utilised from a distance. It is more accurate at identifying people and can see through features like facial hair, make up and others that are meant to deceive the system.

Iris Scan for exam security
Iris Scan

Patterns of an iris remain the same throughout the life of a person, making it quite reliable as a long term security measure. We are an iris based retina scan provider equipped with advanced algorithms to always ensure accurate identification even with significant changes to facial features.


Security solutions do not stop at the entrance. There are other scenarios that need to be kept an eye on when examinations are in progress. Presence of live CCTV cameras at centers has been known to greatly reduce the occurrence of malpractices. Vensysco offers its CCTV system solutions that come in two variants to combat any malpractices during the exam sessions:

Temporary Surveillance for exam security
Temporary Surveillance

CCTV footage is recorded during the examination session for later use. The presence of CCTV in the premises can act as a deterrent for candidates from employing cheating tactics. The recorded surveillance data can also be used later for use by clients.

Live CCTV With Audio for exam security
Live CCTV With Audio

We are also a live CCTV solutions provider offering the option to set up a live centralized control room that enables eyes on the exam centers at all times. Clients have access to this feed and later recorded data for their own use. Having control over both sight and audio is vital while conducting important competitive exams, to keep away all forms of exam malpractices.


To ensure protection of critical exam materials, we also offer our secure GPS enabled asset locking & tracking solution. It utilises a tamper-proof container locked with a GPS enabled lock which allows live monitoring. It also uses authorised unlocking, so the materials are only accessible through authorised staff or personnel.

Numerous Unlocking Options
Numerous Unlocking Options

We offer various unlocking options to ensure the assets can be secured regardless of the scenario via methods like SMS, RFID, Bluetooth, secure app.

Instant Security Notification in exam security
Instant Security Notification

In case, any attempts are made towards tampering the containers, clients are notified immediately via SMS and E-mail alerts.