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Vensysco started an e-learning platform under the name of Makemycareer in 2020 which provides mobile app/desktop site e-learning solutions to the students where school/college/institutions can run their classes while sitting at home or can come to Vensysco Studios to record their lectures with a professional team who are excellent with their skills.

E-Learning Industry
at a Glance

A country with a population of 130 crore where approx. 9 crore school and college going students are not able to resume their studies due to Corona Pandemic. E-learning market has just started in India to cater to the requirement of the industry. GOI initiated many plans for self reliance and for a startup India. Vensysco is in its own ways contributing towards the plan of the Government to help the students to get education with their e–learning platform while being safely at their home.


  • 12*12 Studios with Soundproof Doors, Sound Tarsal Glass, Labra Charger, Bowl Tiles with Green Room
  • 75 Inches 4K Touch Interactive Panels with Pre-installed OS and Glass Boards
  • LED Studio Lights with Halogens and Anti-Noise Recorder with High-end Recording Cameras
  • Auto Monitoring tool

Monitoring Team

  • Highly Skilled Video Monitoring Team
  • Creation of Thumbnail and Uploading Over Portal
  • High Skilled Sound Technicians for Voiceover and Sound Editing
  • High-end Audio and Video Device Management
  • Uploading of Live Classes and Pre-recorded Videos and Content Over the Portal

Technology Support

  • Highly Expert Technical Team with Over 11 years of Experience in Tech and IT Field We Have the Best Tech Support Available
  • AWS Database with Unlimited Space and More than 1 Million Users Concurrently at a Time.
  • 2 GB Dedicated Internet Bandwidth with Mobile Application for Users
  • Social Media Management and Customisation as per Client’s Demands

8 Hours Dedicated Helpdesk Support

  • Highly Expert Helpdesk Team for Attending Candidates’ Query and Email Support
  • Dedicated Web Portal for Candidates Complaint Redressal System
  • Technical Team for Support in Installation of Mobile Application and Attending Mock Examination