Conducting examinations is a very time bound process that includes multiple activities. Planning of team movement to different cities and their staying accommodation takes too much time. Vensysco offers an alternative while bringing in a team movement solution. It includes team fooding & lodging, and travelling solutions. We are also involved in intra-city and inter-city movement of teams and client representatives.

Hotel Accommodation

A lot goes on behind the scenes when conducting examinations, which includes the involvement of such persons as observers, assessors and exam controllers. Their work and responsibility can take them all across the country. To support them no matter where they go in India, Vensysco has auxiliary services ready to support the examination infrastructure by providing facilities like hotel accommodation. We employ our PAN-Indian resources to ensure that proper needs are taken care of regarding their accommodations as per their requirements.

travelling solutions

Conducting examinations require the timely travel of personnel all over India. Reliability is key to ensure proper schedules of examinations are kept up. With our experience in conducting exams, we understand the need for a 360° approach towards security. Keeping that in mind, our services ensure a problem-free experience in conducting exams, while having access to travelling solutions all over India. We ensure that our client’s requirements are covered regardless of the location.